image suggisting nodes and edges representing knowledge

AI generated art on the theme of "Connections and lines suggesting knowledge."

ThinkBase - ethical and transparent AI

Big-tech AI is great for many things, but when it comes to decision making that involves people, it’s inherently risky.

The EU's AI Act and the UK’s Standard for Algorithmic Transparency place heavy burdens on companies using AI.

Now things are going further with an announcement from President Biden.

With big-tech AI, once you’ve gone through collecting the data, training the model and then testing it to death you’ve spent a fortune, and still left the possibility there’s something you haven’t tested for.

ThinkBase creates state of the art intelligent knowledge graphs directly from data or by human input using a graphical editor. These knowledge graphs are easily understood and auditable: ThinkBase can always explain its decisions. Implementation and runtime usages are dramatically cheaper.

Our knowledge graphs can be used for decision-making (classification) or prediction. They can be used as part of a chatbot conversation, and they can integrate into your cloud services.

Out of the lab

We've been working with companies in diverse areas like political PR and EdTech to build up and scope out the ThinkBase offering.

We offer a SaaS solution, and two Teams apps, with Nuget and Docker packages available on request.

Knowledge Graphs are the solution

Like all new technology they have roots deep in the past: our founder, Dr Andy, worked on his first Knowledge graph in 1998.

But new developments in Graph Databases and cloud computing have made Knowledge Graphs a practical reality.

With ThinkBase you can:

  • Integrate your organization's specialized knowledge of the structures and relationships that make up your business.
  • Weaponize that by building in Fuzzy expert system rules to make it an active reasoning engine
  • Use common sense reasoning to make inferences and perform sanity checks.
  • Communicate with your reasoning engine using a fully configurable ChatBot front end.
  • Machine learn complete graphs with rules from data.
  • Access and control everything via a GraphQL API.
  • Trigger further processing and pass results via Microsoft Power Automation. β
  • Create prototype graphs using Generative AI. β

Subscribe to use the full system, or access the core functionality via Microsft Teams apps.

ThinkBase on Microsoft Teams™

We have two apps that implement ThinkBase functionality on Teams.

ThinkBase Creator

This implements the most useful parts of the SaaS system as a Teams app, offering the ability to create, edit and test knowledge graphs all in one package.

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ThinkBase Inference

This is a low-cost runtime that your company can use to share Knowledge Graphs with your Teams users.

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FeatureThinkBase InferenceThinkBase CreatorThinkBase SaaS
Infer new results from KGs
Trigger Logic Apps and Power Automate • β
Create and Edit KGs
Interactively test/debug KGs
API to create, edit and use KGs
Machine learn KGs from data
Test for coverage with Lacuna • β
Create prototype KGs with Generative AI • α • α
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